Ragequit Cup News


King of Mid Solo

After the success we got from the first 2 seasons of the Ragequit Cup Monthly Faceoffs, we are excited to introduce a new tournament with a unique concept. Tournament Introduction King of Mid Solo This will be a 1v1 Solo Mid tournament where up to 64 players will be competing […]

Monthly Faceoffs Season2 Winners!

Hey Guys, We have just finished off with Monthly Faceoffs Season2 and congratulations to Team Reckoning Infinity for securing the 1st place, Team Reckoning for securing 2nd place and Team Dog securing third place in the tournament. Looking forward to more action packed gameplays in more Monthly Faceoffs to come. […]

Ragequit Cup – Monthly Faceoffs!

Hey Guys, We are launching our new series of tournament call Monthly Faceoffs, the sole purpose of this tournament is to provide a practice platform for Indian teams every month, rest of the details are mentioned below: Reason to start this tournament? After our successful run at with Ragequit cup […]

Team Neckbreak Wins RageQuit Cup Season 3

After 2 days of Hardcore action packed Indian Dota2, We are pleased to announce that today Team Neckbreak became the champions of Dota2 India community by defeating Team Elunes by 3-0 in a 5 match series. Following are the matches BO5 Series matches – Ragequit Cup Season3 – Lan finals […]

RageQuit Cup Season 3 – Top 4 Teams – Lan Finals

The Top 4 Teams are here: Team Elunes Team Neckbreak Team Bad Xcuse Team Surekh Gaming We congratulate all the top 4 teams to make it to lan finals of RageQuit Cup Season3. All the top 4 teams captains/managers are requested to share following with us over email: Teams roster […]

Casting Stadium Tickets – Barrels

Hey Guys, Tickets for Ragequit Cup casting stadium are up for sale now! What is a casting Stadium? During lan finals of Ragequit Cup Seaosn3, for the first time viewers will get a chance to enjoy live casting of Lan final matches at Barrels – Pub & Lounge. India’s Top […]

RageQuit Cup Season3 – Round 5 Schedule & Brackets

Round 5 Double Elimination Schedule –     Round 5 brackets –   Buy Ticket here – http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/16659?r=258

RageQuit Cup Season 3 – Top 16 Teams

RageQuit Cup Season 3 – Top 16 Teams Team name Team Tag Geniuses Evil GE perfect is shit PIS Bad Xcuse BX 505 ke kalakar 505 | Wisp With Peace WWp Surekh Gaming sG E-Play E|p Noob Russian Team [N.R.T] Jinchuuriki Gaming Gj We Rulezz Wr Team Elunes Elunes Neckbreak […]